2020 Registration and Safeguarding

We’re sure that you need no reminding that pretty soon, on 1st October, clubs will be able to begin re-registration with the LTA.  However, as Safeguarding Standards are crucial to successful registration, we would like to share with you some information regarding the rôle of the SW Regional Safeguarding Manager, Stuart Parsons.  We would also be grateful if you could share this with your Club Chair and/or CWO where relevant.

At 14 August, Stuart had audited 108 clubs within the south west region, five of these clubs remaining on action plans.  He has met with at least 21 clubs in Wiltshire and, impressed by the dedication with which we work to provide a safe and enjoyable tennis atmosphere, sends his sincere appreciation to all involved.  

He has also participated in “25 Safeguarding Investigations with the following matters dealt with:

“Racial hatred on court, Parental physical abuse (Physical and Emotional), Possession of indecent images, Sexual touching, Registered sex offenders within club committees and memberships, Missing persons, Breaches of codes of conduct, Grooming of a child, Mental health issues, Inappropriate behaviour (coaches) and Radicalisation.

Most of these incidents have resulted in Police and / or Child Services involvement. Although these statistics sound alarming, they are reflective of today’s society and are matters that our multi agency colleagues deal with on a daily basis. The embedding of the Minimum Standards has without question created a correct and accessible means to report concerns. I feel sure that many of these issues would not have previously been raised and appropriately dealt with.”

If you have questions or issues you would like to raise with him, he’s Stuart.Parsons@lta.org.uk. and particularly welcomes contact from clubs preparing for audit.

Briefly, the LTA aims to audit all registered clubs through a three-year rolling programme, supported by the possibility of spot checks against the standards current at the time of the check.  From 1st October 2019 registered venues will need to comply with six standards, including the ‘Coaching Safeguarding Standard’ where all coaches at Levels 3 – 5 working on their courts must be LTA Accredited.  Full details of all standards (standards 1-5 are as last year) may be found on the LTA website.

In the meantime, figures relating to Wiltshire audits (figures which will be intermittently updated) can be found on the Safeguarding page.  

As always, if in doubt please contact Liz Lewis for assistance – safeguarding@wiltshiretennis.org.uk.