Delta Swindon do their bit for Challenge 21!

From 1st to the 21st October The Downs Syndrome have set out a multitude of tasks throughout their cultural and sporting program in recognition of the number 21. Down’s syndrome is caused by the extra presence of chromosome 21 so DS Active have come up with some tennis challenges.

Challenge No 1

21 passes on the floor.

All the players were more than capable of doing this and they were encouraged to count aloud so that the coach adjudicator (me) could check that they were not cheating! Everyone did a splendid job of this ,so it was onto the next challenge.

Challenge  No 2

21 bounces on your racket (unlimited bounces and restarts)

The first one to try was Milo and once he found the rhythm there was no stopping him. He did them unaided and without any restarts. Next up was Sam who after a few dummy runs found his stride and qualified easily. Charlie was the next to try and again after a few false starts was soon in the swing and did it unaided. Robert followed and being our most recent member he did this with no problem at all. Lastly Andrew stepped up to the plate and with a little help from the coach got to 21.

Challenge No 3

21 shot rally over the net (unlimited restarts)

This was supposed to be the hardest but a surprised coach looked on in awe as they all got to 21 and in some cases much more. Andrew was a revelation in this task and gets a special mention for doing so well.

May I thank John Stow whose idea this was and supplied the photos. Also to Caley and her daughters Jessica and Sophie who helped mum with the 21 sign.

 Alan Elbourne (Coach Delta TC)