Wiltshire LTA has rebranded to Wiltshire Tennis and we have updated our IT systems to include the new name and logo. We’ve also updated our communication systems and created new role based email addresses for officers. Details of this can be found below.



The country’s website has been moved off the LTA website and this has permitted additional features and content to be included. We will continue to develop the website to include content that will communicate the governance, services and tennis opportunities in the county. The website can be found at


The website now allows individuals to subscribe to a daily news digest of Posts.  The vast majority of communication from the county that has historically been sent by email will be added to the website as posts. These posts will also be added to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Club reps and coaches on our existing distribution lists have automatically be added to the system. If this service proves useful it will largely replace direct communications from the county, so please ensure that your details are maintained. If recipients wish to update their details or unsubscribe then links are included in the footer of each News Digest email. Please note though if you unsubscribe you will stop receiving tennis updates from the county.

The homepage has a link at the top right of the page that allows individuals to subscribe to the News Digest.

Wiltshire Tennis Email Addresses

At the time of commissioning we have discovered that the hosting company has a limit on the number of recipients per email. Until a fix can be found for this Kathryn will continue to send emails using the account. To contact the Chairman – Phil Evans.
To contact the Tennis Chairman – Roger Henry. For general countywide tennis enquiries to County Administrator Kathryn Brooks. 
This replaces ‘’ which will be redirected for 3 months and then phased out. general guidance enquiries regarding safeguarding – Liz Lewis.
Please note individual issues and concerns regarding safeguarding must be immediately reported to Club Welfare Officers or reported online via LTA website. inquires and comments on Wiltshire Tennis website or email accounts – Andy Dickinson. enquiries regarding the Performance programme – Neil Watts.

Other contact details: 

Facebook and Twitter titles and logo have been changed inline with the above but for the interim their names will remain the same. Rebranding of the names will be completed following the 2019 AGM.

Twitter:     @WiltsLta