Schools to Club Links

Bringing tennis clubs and schools together

Tennis clubs rely on the next generation of players for their future survival. The more young people they can get playing the game, the better. At the same time, schools are full of kids who’d love the chance to play tennis.

A School Club Links programme gives clubs the opportunity to go into schools to spread the word about the game they love and help with the below:

  • An opportunity to forge links with the local community through schools
  • The rewarding experience of working with enthusiastic young people
  • The chance to inject new talent and energy into the club
  • Raising the club’s profile in the community with positive PR
  • Ensuring the future of the sport in the local community

Wiltshire LTA Funding 2018

Wiltshire LTA will be again offering clubs the opportunity of accessing some funding to help towards their Primary School To Club link programme in 2018.

We are aware that many clubs are investing their own funds and time to develop links with local schools and Wiltshire LTA would again like to support clubs with funding to help with promotion and taster sessions.

Wiltshire LTA will award a grant of £150 for 1 school to club link and a further £25 for each additional school link up to a maximum of £200.  To qualify for this funding your link must meet the below criteria:

  • Clubs must do a minimum of 4 taster sessions at each School they link with
  • Clubs must offer follow on opportunities back at their club
  • Clubs must encourage all schools to enter the School games events in their local area (please contact your local SGO for further details

Once your programme has finished please complete the attached School to Club Link programme – FEEDBACK FORM 2018 and the funding will be issued.  The deadline for completing the feedback form to claim the funding is 31st August 2018.